General Board 2022 Highlights

Commission Reports

Connectional Officers

District Reports

18th District Report to COB (1).pdf application/pdf 2.39 MB
12th ED General Board Report_2022.pdf application/pdf 2.62 MB
2022 Fifth District Report - COB - FINAL - rev. 6-20-22.pdf application/pdf 239.71 KB
11th ED 2022 GB Report.pdf application/pdf 9.51 MB
19th District COB Annual Report 2022.pdf application/pdf 14.66 MB
4th ED Bishop's Annual Report 2022.pdf application/pdf 4.85 MB

General Officer Reports



GenBdOpeningPlenaryCOMBINED (1).pdf application/pdf 117.69 KB
Final_Wednesday ClosingPlenaryCOMBINED (002).pdf application/pdf 120.16 KB

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