Disaster Volunteer Registration

disaster-vol-registration_iconAre you a medical professional? Or perhaps you speak a second language? Or know how to operate a backhoe? These and other skills are in need in times of crisis.

If you have skills and/or knowledge that can be of use in the aftermath of a disaster, and want to help, please register your information with the AME Service And Development Agency (AME-SADA) and the AMEC Connectional Health Commission:

General Volunteer Registration: PDF | Online

Healthcare Professionals Volunteer Registration: PDF | Online

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Miriam Burnett, Medical Director
AMEC Connectional Health Commission
PO Box 42
Willow Grove, PA 19090-0042
Tel: 770-328-2002
Fax/Ans Svc 888-342-6001
Email: mjbchcamec@yahoo.com

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