AME – SADA (Service and Development Agency)

May 17th is designated as AME-SADA Sunday in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. As we prepare for this special day, let us also reflect on a few interesting facts about SADA and our work. Please click on the links below for more information:

Focus One – Our work in Haiti:
AME-SADA – Haiti

Focus Two – Our work in South Africa:
AME-SADA – South Africa

Focus Three – You Make A Difference:
AME-SADA – You Make a Difference

Please find below the promised Worship Guide for AME-SADA Sunday, May 17, 2015. We thank Dr. Daryl Ingram, Executive Director, Department of Christian Education for the AME Church and the Reverend Joy Gallmon, Connectional Chair of the Fellowship of Church Educators for their assistance in the development of this Worship Guide.

Please use this guide as a resource for worship on AME-SADA Sunday.

Click link to view guide: AME-SADA Worship Guide


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