Affordable Care Act Webinar

January 7th Webinar: The Affordable Care Act

The Patient Care and Affordable Care Act first deadline for coverage led to over 1 million people/families signing up to healthcare coverage. There is still time to ENROLL prior to March 31, 2014. Register now for a January 7th webinar to educate in your church and community on the facts.

Event Details

AME/Enroll America Affordable Care Act Webinar, Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 8PM EASTERN TIME. The session will last approximately one hour.

What can you do?

ACA-artworkBy participating in the January 7th AME National ACA WEBINAR you can learn how to take leadership in finding ways to educate in your church and community.  Learn about RESOURCES your church may receive to fund enrollment activities, receive INFORMATION that can be downloaded and used to EDUCATE others, and become a part of the AME NETWORK that will keep you current about the ACA.

To SIGN UP for the January 7th Webinar, go to

Be reminded that if a person is Enrolled by:

  • Jan. 15th for coverage to begin on Feb. 1st
  • Feb. 15th for coverage to begin on March 1st
  • Mar. 31st for coverage to begin on May 1st (this gap is due to how insurance plans implement coverage)

We urge you to become involved in Outreach, Education, and Enrollment in your Episcopal District and community.

For more information or if you have any difficulties signing up for the WEBINAR, please call 213-494-9493 or send an email to

Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, Chair
SIStah “Jackie” Dupont-Walker, Director

Bishop Wilfred J Messiah, Chair
Dr. Miriam Burnett, Director

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