Council of Bishops Update – Hurricane Matthew and Haiti

The African Methodist Episcopal Church is deeply saddened by the catastrophic effect of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti, other parts of the Sixteenth District, and the United States. An estimated 1.5 million people have reportedly been affected by the hurricane and thousands are in need of immediate assistance. We have witnessed the loss of lives, devastation of churches, homes, roads, crops, and other infrastructures.

We are also deeply concerned about the health and well-being of the people of Haiti, and others, who once again have faced a natural disaster. Our prayers must include more than the rebuilding of the nation, but also emotional and physical healing of the people, particularly the children and youth.

Through many assessments including communication with local AME leadership, we know that in Haiti: four churches have been destroyed; churches located in the Southern Peninsula have not responded so we do not know their status but fear they have been destroyed; seven churches have incurred serious significant damages; and fifty persons at this point have lost homes and many lost crops.

Our general assessment reveals the following immediate needs:

Financial support to provide food, water, medicine, blankets, shelter and replacement of crops for all Haitians.
Financial support for long term rebuilding and restoration of churches and homes.
Financial and pastoral care of our pastors, their families and members.

On a positive note, we are thankful for the long-term work of Mr. Robert Nicholas and the AME Service and Development Agency. SADA did not suffer any loss of life or suffer any damage to any of the Health Clinics around the country. They are ready to assist in meeting the needs of the District.

While the AME Church is completing our assessment, you can help by:

Giving directly to the AME Church via the AME Church Department of Finance.

Send to Dr. Richard Lewis, Chief Financial Officer, AME Church Finance
Department, 512 8th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203. Make checks payable to
the AME Church: Haiti Restoration Fund.

Giving directly to the 16th District.

Mail to Post Office Box 55106, Indianapolis, IN 46205-0106. Make checks payable
to 16th Episcopal District, Haiti’s Restoration Fund; or text 717-77, write AME16
and follow the prompts to give in a safe and secure manner.

The Council of Bishops solicits your prayers and your stewardship. We are a resilient Church and with your help, we will demonstrate that resilience in the long term healing and rebuilding. If you have any questions about any of the Episcopal Districts affected by Hurricane Matthew, please contact Bishop John Franklin White, President of the Council of Bishops or Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield, Presiding Bishop, 16th Episcopal District.

Lastly, print and share the following document regarding the Haiti Disaster Relief Effort with others.


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