Revised Statement from the General Conference Commission

With reference to the public statement made on May 20, 2020, we issue this clarification from the General Conference Commission.

The General Conference Commission did not vote to suspend campaigning until February 28, 2021.  The Commission did vote for a moratorium on the solicitation of candidates for monetary support through ads, meal/event sponsorships and various other forms of donations. 

Given the delayed convening of the 51st Session of the General Conference, we ask loving and loyal AMEs to cease any solicitation of candidates.  This in no way restricts candidates from presenting themselves to the denomination through the Christian Recorder, our official organ, and through other means at their discretion without solicitation.  There is no requirement with regard to personal appearances, ministerial/teaching functions or the conduct of a candidate according to their ability and conscience.

We trust the candidates and the Connectional Church will be governed by this decision.


Bishop John F. White
Chair of the General Conference Commission

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