The AME Church’s Voter Alert Initiative Releases their 2020 Toolkit

Following the November of 2019 re-launch of the Voter Alert Initiative, the 2020 AME Voter ALERT (V-ALERT) toolkit has been released.

The General Board in session June 2020, with concurrence by the Council of Bishops, declared that the African Methodist Episcopal Church would kick off the 2020 voter mobilization season with renewed vigor. Within days, the Connectional Lay Organization collaborated with the Social Action Commission to invite all AME components/organizations to partner along with key national groups. The goal is to increase the voter turnout in the communities where many of our churches provide ministry and service.

Working together is always our preference, so we offer to you this opportunity to join the combined efforts of churches across the US who will use the AME V-Alert Toolkit to organize, register, educate and mobilize for the election – November 3, 2020.

Along with the updated AME V-Alert 2020 Toolkit, our website ( will include the AAMLC VESSELS tools, The Freedom Sunday Toolkit, The NAACP Civic Engagement Guide and links to numerous resources for rapid response to grassroots issues. Combined, these resources prepare you to engage effectively to make a difference.

We want to acknowledge our partners/collaborators/resources here:


  • African American Ministers Leadership Council – Vessels Vote Initiative (
  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund (
  • NAACP (
  • The Freedom Sunday Coalition (
  • Component organizations of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

We welcome partnership with all stakeholders who seek liberty and justice for all. Contact us at email and visit our official website:


The AME V-ALERT Team and Mrs. Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker, Director, AME Social Action Commission

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