Statement on the West Africa Ebola Crisis

Ebola ReliefJeffrey N. Leath, 128th Bishop, Acting President

October 7, 2014

The Council of Bishops is intensely concerned about the current Ebola Virus Crisis that affects West Africa as well as other parts of the continent of Africa and the world.  This is a time for faith and faith based action.

This is a time for faith!  We cannot allow this disease to drive us to the despair of doubt, fear and helplessness.  God is our refuge and strength and STILL our help.  We must continue to believe God will provide for protection, healing and an attitude of confidence and love in this season of alarm.

This is a time for faith based action!  Let us pray for those who are at high risk of contracting the disease.  Let us seek God’s comfort for those who mourn the death of loved ones.  Let us pray for the healing of the afflicted as we pray for the encouragement of those who attend to family and strangers in need of care.

This is a time for faith based action!  We encourage everyone to become familiar with the disease and ways to prevent its spread.  We are grateful for The Christian Recorder, our AME Health Commission and those who assist with communication.  Each of us can learn a little as we practice and encourage health preserving habits.

This is a time for faith based action! The Methodist Churches serving in Western West African have joined together to support health and community ministries to address the Ebola Virus crisis and its impact. The Executive Board of the General Board approved a connection wide appeal for the funding of this ecumenical ministry.  The Council of Bishops concurred, and we urge AME’s to under gird the Western West Africa Methodist Collaborative.

We solicit our AME Family to make monetary contributions as we continue in prayer.  Whether through a special offering in your local church, or a direct contribution, this worthwhile effort will provide for AME and other Methodist ministries of relief in this crisis.  Please send donations to your bishop’s office or to The AME Finance Department, 1134 11th Street NW, Washington, DC   20001.  Checks may be made to The AME Church.  Add a note or indicate on the memo line:  WWAMC or Western West African Methodist Collaborative.


Thank you for your faith and your faith based action.  Believe, pray, and give with a loving heart.  Let us continue to pray for Bishop Clement W. Fugh and our 14th Episcopal District AME family as they actively face this emergency with courage and compassion.




Jeffrey N. Leath

President, Council of Bishops

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