AME-SADA Sunday – May 21, 2017

AME-SADA is requesting your assistance with AME-SADA Worship and Witness Sunday and your continued contributions to this worthy cause.
The AME Church Service and Development Agency, Inc. (AME-SADA) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation created by the AME Church over three decades ago. 
Our mission in “helping people help themselves” by providing essential assistance to those in need through health, micro credit, agriculture, alternative energy and education programs as well as emergency humanitarian aid to Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of the world. 
Following this turbulent election season, it is urgent that we support overseas development like never before!
Please click on the links below for more information about AME – SADA Sunday:
AME-SADA Sunday Letter:  SADA_Sunday_letter_2017.pdf
AME-SADA Annual Report:  2015_AME-SADA_Annual_Report_FINAL.pdf
AME-SADA Fact Sheet:  Fact_Sheet-_June-_2016.pdf
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